The Big Shift

This week I’ve been preparing for my big move to Arkansas for graduate school. My main concern is minimizing belongings BEFORE the move, not after! 

How many items is enough to release? How many should I keep? What is a truly helpful or useful item? 

Some minimalist blogs directly reference the number of items they  own. Helpful, especially to establish an inventory. Of course, it shouldn’t become a competitive process. I think it’s completely relative based on your lifestyle and needs. Surely there can be flexibility in minimalism. Releasing and acquiring objects is an extensive process. Crafting an outline of acceptable color schemes and styles has been helpful in deciding which items stay in my life. I am still in the process of developing an aesthetic, which has shifted  as I’ve gotten older. Currently I’m taken with deep rich hues navy hues, with pops of gray, white or even copper.  I don’t have a lot. I even have a few Knick knacks. However, all of the items I own are close to my heart and have function as well as a pleasing form. 

Things I do have: 

  • Approx. 55 items in my closet, including shoes (excluding underwear and socks). Will update later. 
  • A fully functioning minimal kitchen, with a few key appliances.
  • A minimal pantry. I’ve chosen to stock most of our pantry with bulk items. My goal is to eliminate packaged items from my life. These bulk items are stored in coordinated containers on open ikea shelving. 
  • Large furniture: We own a bed, couch, desk 
  • Cleaning products: after buying a gallon of bleach, I’ve found I haven’t used it at all in the last six months. Instead, I rely on vinegar, baking soda, and the occasional spice or essential oil for my cleaning needs. 
  • Hygiene products: I will create a full posting outlining my hygiene products. I have a sparse skin/body/tooth/hair care regimen. 
  • Books: I still have a heavy hobby! Currently own around one full U-Haul book box full of titles. Own a kindle. Working on releasing titles I hold onto out of guilt or “what if” reasoning ! 

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