Minimalist Makeup + Hygiene

Last week I wrote about my favorite beauty products…which in reality fit better under personal hygiene. I do use some typical beauty products, but do so sparingly. I decided to create a more comprehensive list. I’m also wary of using baking soda in my hair, as its pH is too basic and in fact, has been irritating my sensitive scalp. I am currently experimenting with new zero waste/ natural hair care methods.

Hygeine products. Frequently found in my cupboard:

  • Castille soap
  • Everyone soap 3-in-1 (shampoo, body wash, shave cream)
  • Soapwort leaves (dried-used to create zero waste shampoo)
  • Baking soda (occasional toothpaste sub)
  • Green clay + bentonite clay (used to clarify pores, as a mask)
  • Himalayan salts (used to create mineral salt deodorant)

My two traditional beauty products:

  • Light tinted moisturizer (bought for my wedding)
  • Single lipstick in matte red
  • Edit: 1 more! I also wear a simple “chakra balancing” body spray as perfume. When it runs out (probably by the end of the year), I’ll transition to making my own scents

11 thoughts on “Minimalist Makeup + Hygiene

    1. It gets easier over time- starting with makeup was an easy part of my house, because I have clear tried and true favorites. Everything else got the boot. Clothes or shoes, I’ve found are often more difficult for me to release! 😉


  1. Awesome! It’s fun to find alternatives for health and beauty products, especially considering the horrendous ingredients that are found in regular store-bought ones. I have minimized my bathroom a whole lot since starting ZW. Looks like you have too 🙂


    1. It is so fun. It can also be confusing. A lot of information on the Internet is often in direct opposition. There are so many camps of bloggers, each with strong opinions on the effects of DIY zero waste hygiene products. Filtering through the scientific research is also dubious, depending on where the funding for the studies comes from! Even so, I love the process of experimenting with new solutions. Do you have any resources that you’ve found to be helpful?


      1. Wow, I must have missed that part; what do they say about DIY! I usually find things on Pinterest. Sometimes it can get frustrating to find the “it” you’re looking for, but they usually pop up by chance and I say, “I might try that!”


      2. Ha, that’s my typical process, too. Trial and error. A lot of other blogs and pins. I’ve run into confusing issues though. For example, hair pH! Recently, I tried baking soda no poo. About two weeks in, I read some more articles about how baking soda is too basic for hair follicles, and can actually dissolve the bonds of your hair. So I stopped that. Back to square one. Now I’m brewing a shampoo from herbs (it’s rather steeped like a tea). Small things like that…I had never thought about the pH of my scalp and hair. Anything to alkaline or acidic can be drying and irritating.


      3. Oh yes! Now that you mention the no-poo, I do recall reading negative reviews of that, and how it can actually strip and thin your hair because of the ph and acidity changes when first using soda and then acv. That’s why I didn’t end up trying it, so I stuck with shampoo bars. I’ve enjoyed my DIY lip balm, lotion, and deodorant though.


      4. I need to try shampoo bars! I still use acv rinses, sometimes infused with herbs like rosemary, with great success, but without baking soda (I think baking soda is best left to natural cleaning).


      5. I agree! I recently read a post of a woman trying so many different methods on her hair, including lemon and a beer rinse?!


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