Minimalist Lifestyle: Wedding Edition

Yesterday, I got married. My wife and I planned for a small, intimate gathering in the mountains. It was truly the perfect day. Large puffy white clouds juxtaposed the rough rocks of the trail overlook in Fort Davis State Park.

Our wedding took place in nature, which was very fitting, as we are both outdoor enthusiasts. Nature does not  rush, is constantly morphing, and exudes a sense of stillness in those who seek it.

Here are a few things we gained by choosing a mini “pop-up”wedding:

  • No debt (between both our families, we covered the low costs, and even stayed under sbudget)
  • The ability to take a fun honeymoon road trip (a result of saved $$)
  • Intimate connection with each other and our 15 guests

A few things we did not have at our wedding:

  • Rows
  • Chairs/pews
  • Church service/religious aspects
  • Large amount of guests to accommodate
  • A building
  • Elaborate  outfits (or elaborate rings)

In the simplicity of the ceremony, there was clarity. A heightened sense of awareness. I was able to take in each moment fully, because there was so little to distract. No crowds of people to tear away my attention from the important aspects of the day. Our cake was vegan, light, moist, cheery, and decorated with folk art inspired icing. Our close friends and relatives physically surrounded us in a semi-circle, emphasizing the ritual of intimate bonds. I had to clutch on to my vows, due to the wind. As I spoke, I could feel the same breeze kissing my cheeks.  I cried, listening to my partner’s kind words, and yet again, the wind acted, whisking away my tears. It was the perfect day.


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