Minimalist Home: On Wanting Less 

Today I was walking through a large chain store with my wife’s family, I was bombarded by images of summer toys, outdoor grills, summer hair products, and the newest movies. For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel the tug of desire. I walked through calmly, observing all of the new products made but there was no impending “need” for more things.

First of all, we are moving to a new state in three weeks. Moving is stressful enough, without the addition of new stuff! Secondly, I’m learning what my “true needs” are, and it is clear that they are all taken care of- I can walk past most products with confidence that my wallet won’t take a hit. It made perfect sense to me me, that desire is simply a habit. A habit can be manipulated and trained. Mentally, I can remind myself, that I have everything I need, and that adding more would be leaning toward excess. I think it lends a sense of humility to own slightly less than one might want. By walking past new products I am practicing gratitude for what I currently have, and I can use that mental space to rejoice in the beauty of my new thoughts!


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