Zero Waste: Eating Out


Today was a travel day for my wife and I. We had been out of town for 2 weeks for our wedding, and were coming home to a deliberately empty fridge. After a 4 hour drive, I knew I wouldn’t feel like grocery shopping on an empty stomach. So, we went out to eat, which we can’t afford to do often.

I quickly unpacked all my belongings, and prepped for grocery shopping (produce bags, reusable shopping totes, etc.). Before leaving the house, I packed two quart size mason jars. Voila! To-go soup containers. I used them for all our leftover pho.

I did use a paper napkin and a straw. Usually, I refuse straws, but the waiter had already placed it in my glass when he brought my water.

Next time, I won’t forget my napkin or glass dharma straws.


2 thoughts on “Zero Waste: Eating Out

  1. We also don’t go out to eat much, but I have started making it a habit to take containers, etc, with me; it’s better to anticipate having leftovers than being left with awful foam containers because you don’t want to waste the food you didn’t eat.

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    1. Just takes a little foresight, and eventually it becomes second nature. It’s amazing to me how quickly it takes to prep. I always keep a compact, foldable reusable bag in my purse. All I have to grab are my to go containers, and I’m set!


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