Zero Waste Resources: Favorite Green Living Books

Reading brings me great joy. I don’t know about the rest of you, but there is nothing else quite like mulling over a good book with a cup of tea. Or juice. Or snacks. I’ve even learned to love reading on my kindle. Lately I’ve been reading at places other than our home, as I recently rediscovered the thrill of spending time at the library. It’s only the beginning of summer, but temperatures in my part of Texas are maxing out at 105 f.  I’m about to move states in less than a week. I have no furniture or internet left and my a/c unit only blows out hot air. So I don’t use it. Our single fan isn’t enough to keep us from wilting throughout the day. In comes the library. Now that I’m out of school for the summer (my last hurrah before graduate school in August!) I can finally read titles that have been piling up. So, library it is.

Here are two books I’ve fallen in love with! One of which I bought, and the other  I checked out not too long ago.

Plastic Free by Beth Terry

The  book is superbly written and easy to read, with a natural, flowing narrative. The resources and ideas housed in his book are highly motivating! Beth’s own experiences are relatable, funny, and illustrate the process of changing lifestyles, both mentally and physically. As I delved further in, I found myself getting more and more excited. My wife and I counted the amount of plastic items we had in our kitchen and living room. She remarked “Wow, I’ve never thought about how much plastic we really use!” I’ve slowly been becoming more “green” since I was a late teenager, so I don’t have  some household things she mentions, but I still have plenty to improve upon…as we all do. This is certainly the book to get you stared.

Shift Your Habit by Elizabeth Rogers

I found this gem at the library a few days ago. The chapters easily allow you to hop around, as they are divided into clear sections.

  1. Home/Garden
  2. Food/Drink
  3. Kids
  4. Pets
  5. Work
  6. Electronics
  7. Health/Beauty/Fashion
  8. Travel
  9. Celebrations

I love how Elizabeth offers up easy ways to change a habit, the potential costs involved, and the estimated savings. For example, she discusses  the benefits of cooking frugal meals, planting edible gardens, extending the life of your wardrobe, etc.

These two titles are expanding my thinking as well as influencing my approach to consuming, reducing, recycling, and more. Maybe you’ll enjoy them too. Here’s to summer reading!


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