Minimalist Home: Downsizing Kitchen Appliances 

Firstly, cooking is a passion. Every process tickles my creative side with joy. Baking, fermenting, smoothie making, I love it all. New gadgets are released all the time. Sometimes I take notice- sometimes not. It seems I’m destined for a life of tiny kitchens. Each of my apartments have had abysmal storage space, so I’ve had to get creative over the years. My wife and I currently rent a townhouse, which actually has a wrap around counter. Hallelujah! Quite refreshing to have space for our microwave, fruit bowl, and utensil holder. My goal in releasing kitchen items (of which we have only a few) is efficiency. Necessity vs. luxury. Ideally, I want to keep the items that I truly do use and let go of the rest. I have a penchant for kitchen items because I adore cooking. Regardless, I do know how to practice self control, and I’ve recently identified which appliances receive the heaviest use. Here are the list of appliances I’ve purchased in the last few years, which ones “made the cut” and which ones “got the axe”:

  • Vitamix blender (use multiple times a day), bought reconditioned for a low price.
  • Instant pot pressure cooker. Replaced my crockpot, steamer and rice cooker. Apparently it does it all! Beans cooked up in 20 minutes? Don’t mind if I do! After recently purchasing, I’ve been so happy with it’s quick steaming abilities, especially for my plant-based diet. I can cook up large batches in a relatively short amount of time.
  • Coffee grinder. Replaced  the omega masticating juicer, because I ended up using it for grinding flax seed, and now I have a compact device that does the trick as opposed to a 16 lb monster!
  • Electric kettle. Life-saver. We drink so much tea, it makes our lives so much easier. Love it.
  • Mini electric griddle. Use for pancakes, fresh tortillas, etc. It’s deadly hot, and Den and I have both burned ourselves multiple times. Skeptical about keeping this one. May replace with a cast iron skillet.
  • Spiralizer. Not sure if I will keep this. It was inexpensive, mounts on the kitchen counter with suction cups. Have used when traveling a total of ONE time in the last 2 years.
  • Crock pot. Handy for cooking up big batches of soups and beans (vegan/plant based diet requires this).
  • Rice cooker. Rice, quinoa, bulgur, etc. all used to get cooked up in my trusty rice cooker and steamer.
  • Omega juicer (sold on eBay). I enjoyed juicing for a short period of time,and then realized how much organic waste I was creating, without a viable composting option (at the time). I do enjoy using juice pulp to make flavored spice breads, but it wasn’t enough. I love smoothies for the high fiber content.

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