Minimalist Home: 3 Steps for Organizing Your Work Space

This is my current desk space. I’m constantly scouring the Internet for organizing ideas, especially revolving around Feng Shui. However, there are a lot of competing concepts within Feng Shui- so I tend to borrow the ideas that fit my lifestyle.

Here are a few steps I follow to stay focused when I work from home:

  1. I keep my desk as clear as possible. This works for my personality type. I have plenty of friends, professors, and family members who seemingly flourish amidst stacks of papers. Piling papers does NOT work for me, I feel scatter brained enough as it is. A clear workspace allows me a blank slate. I reintroduce items as necessary for my current task only. I keep books, papers, file folders in the closet within the office. They are nearby, but I don’t need them on a daily basis. My computer, iPad, journal and headphones are usually rotating in and out of my workspace. I use timers to keep on track.
  2. Surround yourself with an inspiring quote. I’m a visual learner. Keeping visual reminders of my goals and aspirations helps me tap into my creativity. As an agricultural communications graduate student, I keep a paper weight that illustrates the FFA motto:

    Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve

    This beautifully simplistic silver paper weight keeps me grounded and reminds my purpose to serve the needs of others every day when I work.  It also serves as a relationship symbol, as my wife gave it to me on the day I graduated from college. My cubicle at the grad office has quotes from people I admire pinned on my portion of the cork board.

  3. Integrate plant life! I chose a “lucky” bamboo, which flourishes in indirect sunlight. I have so many plants throughout my house, I tend to move them around based on my mood. For example, in my first workspace photo, I hadn’t yet added a plant. I love being surrounded with greenery. For me, plant life symbolizes growth and new life, groundedness. Raising plants also promotes the beauty of nourishing and caring for something outside of yourself. 

At the end of the day, I have a routine:

  • I tidy my desk
  • Put away any pens in my office supply/ printer stand (which lives next to my desk)
  • File away any papers I’ve accumulated during the day
  • Place my journal in the saddlebags of my bike, and
  • Place my devices on charge

I prefer to keep my space as minimal as possible to cut down on visual distraction (again, visual learner, here!) I also keep a copper & quartz crystal tree in the corner (rotates often), which was a wedding present from a dear friend. Also, a small linen coaster for my drinks. Voila.

It works for me, but what works for you?

What kinds of habits have you acquired for organizing your office/work space?


6 thoughts on “ Minimalist Home: 3 Steps for Organizing Your Work Space

  1. That is a very attractive work space. Clutter does not work for me. It gives me stress just looking at stacks, piles, shelves, etc. I am a teacher, so I see this at school as well; teachers who have kept everything since the start of their career, or those who prefer to work on technology over paper. Different things work for different people. Clutter-free works best for me. Oh, look at that, I rhymed. Win!

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    1. Thank you, Nadine. I’m also a teacher- taking a break for my masters, but wow…even with zero waste goals- classrooms are so traditionally paper dependent. It drove me nuts during my student internship. It’s a crazy, beautiful whirlwind, though! It’s fun to incorporate technology, but then it’s one more thing to manage. Whew. Well, that aside, as long as I have a clear desk, I have a clear mind!

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  2. The minimalist in me is drooling over your clean and clear workspace. 😍 We have been doing an enormous amount of organizing (and selling and throwing away) clutter in order to prepare for life as full time RV’ers come the end of this summer.
    I feel pretty good about how the downsizing is coming along but seeing your desk gives me encouragement to keep on going with this decluttering!


    1. Wonderful! I’m happy my photo has provided an extra burst of encouragement. We can all use the affirmation sometimes, right? My wife dreams of paring down enough to explore RV living, such as renovating an older airstream. For now, I’m happy with small house living. The home body in me would be nervous setting off living in new places all the time- are you excited?! I will certainly check out the tales of your journey!

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      1. Your wife has very good taste! I love the gift she gave you! So unique! We are beyond excited! Thank you and I look forward to connecting with you more!


  3. Hi Isabel!

    Thank you so much for being a follower of my blog. I just wanted to let you know that I’m moving from WordPress to Squarespace. This means that my posts will no longer show up in your feed. If you enjoy what I write, it would make me tremendously happy if you could hop over to my site and resubscribe. You can subscribe by email in the side menu, to get an occasional, minimal update with absolutely no spam or advertising, ever. It would mean a lot to me.

    Thank you and have an amazing day 🙂


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