Minimalist Wardrobe: My Tiny Closet  

my tiny closet!

Downsizing my closet has made for easier moves, travel, cleaning and maintenance. When we moved to Arkansas, I had to choose between two closets. My wife took the bigger one, and I chose the mini closet. I no longer use a dresser. All of my intimates can be folded into a small drawer-

I use a lightweight  hanging organizer from Ikea to manage my foldables: workout gear, jeans, socks, intimates.

Everything else gets hung up or packed overhead (I use two shoeboxes to pack “out of season”) pieces.

I picked a general color scheme for my wardrobe, based on my favorite colors (aka clothing I actually wear).

Current color scheme: Navy, black, white, gray, Oxford blue, maroon

I have my clothing separated into categories

Outerwear: linen blazer, winter coat, rain jacket, winter vest, (2)sweatshirts

Work wear: (5) Oxford button ups, (3) slacks – two are technical fabric/ one is wool, (2) skirts – both technical fabric

Casual wear: (3) jeans, (1) jean short (3) linen tops (5/6) tees

Workout wear: (6) workout tops, (5) workout bottoms – comprised of leggings/ shorts/ joggers

I am in the process of redefining the shoe area of my closet- I prefer heeled leather boots for bike commuting

(2) pairs boots- one heeled/one flat

Currently on my list to buy: new pair of sandals/ new pair of black sneakers

I love everything in my closet! All my pieces are interchangeable and are made to last. Sometimes I count my things, not to focus on a particular number, per se, but rather- to see what types of clothes I tend to buy repeatedly. This usually is jeans and button ups- I should probably turn off my eBay alerts for Madewell jeans in my size 😉 I’m better able to pinpoint my true style if I constantly weed out the pieces I don’t truly wear.

As a bike commuter I lean heavily toward practical technical/ workout wear that can be styled and worn to the grad office rather than only upscale office pieces. I prefer to be comfortable rather than 100% stylish. I’ll wear bike shorts and a black workout tank on the ride to school and change into some slacks when I arrive. Easy to pack and go!

Could you live with a tiny closet? How big is your wardrobe? What types of clothing items are on your repeat purchase list?


5 thoughts on “Minimalist Wardrobe: My Tiny Closet  

  1. Beautiful closet! I haven’t counted, but probably around 50 -60 items… I tend to buy cropped tapered chinos, comfy shoes, and boxy cotton tops in black, gray, white, tan, and blue.

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    1. Thank you, Michelle. Those are great basics to stock up on.
      I have to say, after perusing your style posts, you really do pull off the tapered chino! I go through phases of liking the chino (and jeans), I think maybe because of the fabrics I’ve bought. 100% cotton doesn’t always sit well with me, because it doesn’t wick enough in the summer. I particularly like your pairing business casual pants with Chacos- I think I’ll nab that idea for the grad office 😉

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  2. Ah it’s so cute and well organised! We don’t really get built in closets in Britain, but I love the idea of being able to close the door on it, and you have the whole room. Rather than buying extra furniture like we have to do now.

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    1. Ah, I see! So, you use wardrobes and dressers and such? Interesting difference. I have family in England, but when I last visited, I didn’t think to check out my cousin’s closet situation. This is on the small side as far as closets go- here in America it seem’s bigger is always better. Some closets are the size of a room. This tiny closet suits my needs just fine 😀


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