Minimalist Wardrobe: Style Inspiration 

I’ve been continuously paring down my closet, even since my last few posts. I even completed the KonMari method once more to be rid of non-seasonal things that simply don’t fit the overall feel of what I’m looking for. Here are some style vignettes via brands I’ve been perusing (Ichi/ Rennes for a few years, but recently found the second)

Above, pictures, present clips from the shop Rennes. Many of the items included are by Japanese brand Ichi Antiquities. 
Above pictured, vignette of posts curated by Le Vestaire de Jeanne. Androgynous cuts, generous sizing, in classic fabrics.

The aesthetic of both brands breathe, grace, elegance, and above all, comfort. Simplicity in style is so refreshing. I’m finding I relate to the demure, earthy, relaxed vibe, while appreciating the structure of the cuts. Heavy reliance on linen (my favorite fiber) and wool (love hate relationship there).

What is inspiring your style as of late?


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