Minimalist Home: Letting Go is a Continuous Process 

I have a box dedicated to donations that lives by the door. Whenever I order something online that’s shipped in a moderately sized cardboard box… I use it as a temporary donation box to drop breakables at goodwill. I recycle the rest of my cardboard or tear it up for my worm bin bedding. This picture isn’t staged or beautiful. It’s comprised of a few snaps of things I donated. My wife and I dislike clutter equally. She’s more averse to it than me- I’m tidy, but sometimes allow laziness and or/ right brain tendencies to overtake my urges. And am more comfortable with mild amounts of things strewn about. We both agree that we should constantly re-evaluate the purpose items serve in our daily lives. This month we donated:

  • a wicker chair that we’d snagged for $12 – it clashed with our living room style and cramped our space
  • Slate coasters- beautiful in form with very little actual function. We prefer our simple linen squares- the slate coasters dropped water all over our walnut tables! Live and learn
  • Stainless steel water bottle- I switched to a double walled insulated version that keeps my liquids hot/cold
  • Miscellaneous clothing that no longer fits my style/ I amassed button downs while student teaching that are not my vibe!
  • Spiralizer- used twice in the 2 years I owned it. Not worth taking up space in my kitchen. I’m a woman of simple pleasure- I chop, dice, mince or julienne my veggies. I don’t need them in a spiral shape to enjoy them.
  • Some books
  • Extra mason jars of odd sizes that I used when selling my kombucha at the market. I had way too many! Nearly a whole cabinet full

Every few days I wander around the house eyeing things suspiciously, trying to determine how much use it gets in our house. Anything I don’t use, I’ve taken photos of to include special token memories in the yearly photo books I have printed!

Downsizing is an ever progressing journey.


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