Minimalist Wardrobe: Simple Outfit Styling


I love browsing style blogs (not fashion blogs, style-) and pinterest for inspiration on pairing my basics. This week I found two lovely videos produced by Eileen Fisher…the understated queen of simplicity. I decided to lift them out of my pinterest feed and share them with you all. I have plenty of basics in my closet that I can swap and pair with other pieces

  • pencil skirts
  • slouchy joggers
  • a pair each of high waist and low waist jeans
  • wool slacks
  • black athletic cami’s
  • striped tops,
  • cardigans, etc.

These two videos encapsulate the style inspiration that I included in of my recent posts and provide a fun system for mixing and matching.

The System: F/W 15

Master the Art of Simple Dressing

How do you get the most out of your basics?



4 thoughts on “Minimalist Wardrobe: Simple Outfit Styling

    1. You’re welcome! Glad it was of help to you. I was so pleased to find these videos- disregarding the brand (pricey, but beautiful) the content succeeded in giving me fresh ideas about how to pair seemingly mundane or basic pieces.


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