Zero Waste Tips: October Swaps 

Here are some things I’ve swapped from August until now:

  • Toothpaste – I’m using a cinnamon, clay, baking soda mixture adapted from Zero Waste Chef’s recipe) note: my wife is still using traditional toothpaste
  • Tissues – I made the swap successfully! Instead of using TP or tissue boxes, I have acquired some cute  embroidered hankies from a local vintage shop and supplemented my supply with squares cut from worn out tees
  • Paper towels – I have a stack of towels from Ikea, similar to a “flour sack towel” that we now use for spills and I’m phasing out our last roll of paper towels
  • All purpose cleaner – this is a trash light version as I do incorporate a drop or two of traditional dish soap (dawn or Palmolive). I use a ratio of 1:1 white vinegar / water and lemon essential oil, with a few drops of dish soap.

I’m loving these swaps. I find them convenient to incorporate into my routine. Even though I don’t have kids, as a full time grad student and TA, there’s always something to be done. So, to save time, I make up a big batch of cleaning fluid and keep it in a jug to refill my all purpose spray bottle as needed. So far my teeth feel clean and happy. The hankies and tissues are softer on my nose and I toss them in the laundry basket after one or two uses. I haven’t bought paper towels in a few months! My flour sack towels get the job done. Every few weeks I’ll be posting a roundup of my most recent ZW swaps.

What swaps have you found to be easiest or most difficult?


One thought on “Zero Waste Tips: October Swaps 

  1. I have a stack of about 20 small terry cloth towels that I re use. It’s enough to last me two weeks. I use them to clean off countertops and as napkins. They are so cheap too.


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