Minimalist Wardrobe: December Update pt. 2

Main wardrobe pieces- ALL black minus one top 😉

  1. Bodysuit (Off-Shoulder, American Apparel, new)
  2. Bodysuit (U-Back, l/s, American Apparel, used)
  3. Bodysuit (U-Back, s/s, American Appare, used)
  4. Bodysuit (Tank, American Apparel, new)
  5. Cotton turtleneck (J Crew, new)
  6. Cotton turtleneck, forest green (J Crew, new)
  7. Silk artist blouse (Elizabeth Suzann, new)
  8. Silk georgia tee (Elizabeth Suzann, new)
  9. Silk marlena mini dress (Elizabeth Suzann, new)
  10. Ponte pants (American Apparel, new)
  11. Ponte slacks (Mod Cloth, new)
  12. Silk pants (Elizabeth Suzann, new)
  13. Linen pants (Elizabeth Suzann, new)
  14. Riding pants, American Apparel, used)
  15. Ponte Mini Dress (American Apparel, new)


16. Cashmere v neck sweater (Everlane, new)
17. Wool trench (Everlane, used)
18. Cotton trench (Everlane, used)
19. Linen blazer (J Crew, new)
20. Slouchy sweater (Express, used)

Here’s what I’ve found:

I love bodysuits. They allow me EASE and freedom. As a life long dancer and yoga instructor, I love to feel like I can move at a moment’s notice. Even when I’m at the office, I take meditation breaks and go for walks around campus. The amount of skirts and dresses I own has increased, and the boyish slacks are OUT. They do not flatter my body type, which is simultaneously lanky and curvy…falling somewhere in between. Aren’t clothing consumption projects designed to help you find what works for your body? I believe they are. Everything high waist. High waists suit my frame, even though I’m short. Everything that had a mid or low waist is out, including my workout wear. It makes me feel pudgy and frumpy. I’m all about body confidence. Another fun find is that a slightly cropped leg looks great on me- and I’m lucky crops are in fashion, because they fit my five foot frame…like regular pants.

Black is my color. It always has been. It isn’t for everyone, and my co-workers tease me a bit, but it’s all in good fun. I don’t feel pressured to wear prints or bright colors anymore. They always bore me. I like simplicity and a uniform, but I also crave variety. As such, I’ve decided that a bit more than 10 items is a perfect compromise. I can swap, mix, and match easily. For now, the semi-uniform adds to my confidence and my daily ease in dressing. Cotton, silk, linen, cashmere, and wool are my go-to pieces. Button down’s make me feel claustrophobic. So do slacks. I wear ponte high waist pants to work with heeled boots and make it work. I do office wear…my way. As I do everything else. With a twist.



3 thoughts on “Minimalist Wardrobe: December Update pt. 2

    1. Hey, Michelle! Definite pros and cons. I used to have a ton of bodysuits from when I worked at American Apparel… some styles work better than others, but in wholeheartedly excited to have rediscovered my love of them. Pros: bodysuits are seamless when tucked in, which make for less bulk and clean lines. I love wearing blouses but dislike the amount of fabric that piles up when I tuck them in… I find myself fidgety and rearranging them to make sure they stay tucked in. I prefer how they look with high waists. They are simple and allow for outfits to be made quickly. They are stretchy, so I can eat plenty and feel comfy, and move if need be, I love to take stretch breaks. They layer well, so I can use a tank or short sleeve bodysuit with a sweater and jacket and tights/ leggings and again, be warm, with less bulk. Cons: If the bottom does not have snaps, you have to fully disrobe your layers when you go the bathroom…. it is freezing, and unpleasant. Some bodysuits are also hard to layer bras under (some more than others) which means you have to plan accordingly. I wear mine with bralettes and usually take a sweater/cardigan or blazer to place over if I wear them at work.

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