Minimalist Wardrobe: December Update

I recently compiled my main ten items. And a month or two in – let me say, it’s FUN, but I’m chucking the idea out the window. One thing I believe in is flexibility. My researcher brain loves to box things in and my creative brain says “to hell with it all”! Right now, I’m experiencing a very real flow.

I’m putting the idea on hold, or tossing it for the time being, because my identity is shifting (as always, right?) and so is my style. Now is a time to explore those changes and create space for new things. I have added pieces to my closet, and will be updating the things I own, because this is an enjoyable outlet for my creative pursuits.

What am I into currently?

  • All black. This has not changed much since high school. Black is understated, sexy, demure, powerful, intimidating, soft, lazy, etc. It is my favorite way to present myself to the world.
  • High waists. I donated and sold anything mid or low rise (bye, good ol’ Madewell jeans). I feel most beautiful in a high, taut, tapered waist. I’ve re-discovered my love for American Apparel (the ultimate store for hw items) and a newfound appreciation for ModCloth!
  • Skirts: Pencil, skater, etc. I had lost touch with my femininity and am on a journey to find the items that make me feel most beautiful and POWERFUL. A pencil skirt is like a finely tuned sword, for me. I feel strong and sleek. Loving midi skirts, dresses, and the like.
  • Elizabeth Suzann. Of course, the queen of sustainable, made to order, gorgeous designs. I have owned multiple pieces and sold them in the past, but recently treated myself to the artist smock in black silk and the florence pant, in black silk. I want to feel like a queen.

While my closet is expanding past ten items, I know that the main focus is that my consumption habits have shifted. They truly have over the past few years of minimalism, and even a 20 item closet is QUITE small! It isn’t about the number. Why should box myself in into smaller and smaller boxes? I’ve already navigated the larger hurdle, which is making the switch to making CONSCIOUS purchases. I’ve already made the change! My closet will never be stuffed to the gills, because I don’t buy things the way I used to. What a lovely realization to come to. Very freeing.

What realizations have you reached this holiday season? Love you all! I plan to post more often, graduate school has me quite occupied. This break is a breath of fresh air. Literally. I’ve been outside much more and LOVING IT! Happy holidays.






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